A jQuery plugin for searching the DOM Download

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It lets you search within an element (e.g.: a table or a list), narrowing down the inner elements using LiquidMetal, which is way better than whatever else you could come up with.


Using a text field #search to search in a list #fruits:


In the table below, using only the weight field (assuming <td class="weight">):

$('#search').domsearch('table#fruits', {criteria: 'td.weight'});

Same as the previous example, using 2 fields as criteria:

$('#search').domsearch('table#fruits', {criteria: ['td.price', 'td.weight']});


Try it with typos, incomplete names, and generally confusing but similar words to what you're actually searching for.

Name Weight
Apple 0.1kg
Orange 0.2kg
Watermelon 2kg
Peach 0.1kg
Pear 0.2kg
Passionfruit 0.05kg
Apricot 0.02kg
Lime 0.01kg
Imbu 0.02kg
Indonesian Guavas 0.3kg


domsearch.js is made with by @julio_ody. Source is on GitHub. The initial work was done while I was working at Incite, so props to them.